Oregon Panoramic

Featuring Panoramic Format Images Of Oregon By Francisco J. Rangel

Sunrise in a foggy morning     Portland, Oregon  #OWD-1675

Our images are captured using panoramic format cameras Fuji g617, Fuji gx617 and Fuji Provia film

Only the best properly exposed, focused and composed 6x17 centimeter transparencies  are then scanned in house using a Howtek 6500 drum scanner* at a 16 bit color depth

The resulting digital files are  printed on a variety of substrates using state of the art equipment in a ICC** managed envinronment

We offer framed high resolution  prints from 3x9 to 30x90 inches, we partner with the largest picture frame distributor in the Northwest and the oldest  picture frame manufacturer in Portland

 This allows us to offer very competitive pricing and also the capability to do large commercial projects

Prints are made to order, please allow 5-7 days for process.    We ship to all the lower 48 states

*Film is mounted on an acrylic drum using an special  liquid wich increases dynamic range , color vividness , renders  fined details more refined  . A sheet of optical mylar sandwiches the film with the drum surface   as the drum rotates at  around 2000 rpm  red, green and blue   photo multiplier tubes  scan the image pixel by pixel



** International Color Consortium






All images copyright 1997-2018  Francisco J. Rangel  All rights reserved